Zulli Vehicle & Traffic Law handles vehicle, traffic, licensing and other matters.

Throughout Pennsylvania we defend drivers,
automobile dealerships, salespersons, issuing
agents, messenger services, inspection stations
truck drivers and trucking companies in
civil, criminal and administrative matters,
including, but not limited to:

  • Traffic Citations
  • DUI
  • Driver license suspensions
  • Vehicle registration suspensions
  • Issuing Agent, Messenger Service, Inspection station and mechanic suspensions
  • Credit for out of state drivers who cannot renew their license due to a PA license suspension
  • Orders to Show Cause by the State Vehicle Board of Dealers and Salespersons
  • Letters, Subpoenas and Orders from the Office of Attorney General
  • Hearings by PennDOT, Departments of State, Banking, Revenue & Attorney General's Office
  • Used Car Dealer Legal Compliance Checks
  • Defense of Dealers against unwarranted warranty claims and consumer protection suits
  • Releases, Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Deeds, Wills and Trusts

We especially assist car dealers, salespersons, issuing agents, inspection stations and mechanics in obtaining their required licenses to do business and assist them daily as problems arise with customers or regulatory agencies.
We also will do on-site compliance checks for Used Car Dealers to make sure records and documents are provided and kept in the manner required by the various state agencies. If not in compliance, we explain the corrections that are needed to become compliant, which is better than waiting to find out from the State Police or other Governmental Officials who can cite, fine and/or suspend a business.
Zulli Vehicle & Traffic Law
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